Women in Wine

Today is International Women’s Day so I thought I would take a moment to celebrate the wonderful women that are involved in the wines that we sell and promote every day. Wine is often considered to be a man’s industry by the general public but the truth is actually far from this.

The vast majority of our portfolio is influenced by women in one way or another. From winemakers to marketers, from wine judges to business managers, the impact women have in the wine industry globally is vast and, in no small way, responsible for the success the industry enjoys.

Here are some of the women that have a part in the wines we offer:

Nadine Gublin – Winemaker Domaine Jacques Prieur, Burgundy


Nadine Gublin

Yolanda Garcia Viadero, Managing Director and winemaker, Valduero, Spain

Carolina Garcia Viadero, Commercial Director, Valduero, Spain

Joana Pinhão, Winemaker, Quinta Vale Dona Maria, Portugal

Sandra Tavares da Silva, Head Winemaker, Van Zellers, Portugal

Sarah Burvill, Wine Maker, RockBare Winemakers, Adelaide Hills, Australia

Heather Davies, Winemaker and Owner, Summerhouse, Marlborough, NZ

Dana Morris, Designer, Plumm Wine Glasses, Australia

Cindi Dean, Director, Plumm Wine Glasses, Melbourne, Australia

We are also very lucky in Hong Kong to have such influential women in wine like Jeannie Cho Lee, Debra Meiburg, Jennie Mack, Rebecca Leung, Lucy Anderson and Kavita Faiella just to name a few.

So ladies, on this special day we salute you and say thanks for making our industry better every day.


Dean Aslin

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